Bible Study

Do you have a question about a Bible passage? Or maybe you just want to know where a certain word or phrase can be found.
Perhaps you'd like tools to dig deeper, or you want to do your daily devotional online. 
Click on any of the following icons, and they'll take you to a great website with devotionals, Word Study tools, concordances, commentaries, different translations and more.

Faith, Science & Reason

Have you ever wondered how biblical faith lines up with advancements in science, history and philosophy?
These sites are great for finding answers to the questions you or your friends might have. Just click on the icon to go to the site.
Reasons to Believe 
Providing powerful new reasons from science to believe in Christ
Stand to Reason 
Tools to help followers of Jesus think and speak accurately, persuasively and graciously about our faith
Institute for
Creation Research 
How science and creation match up